Cragged Mountain Maple





“Ben (my now boyfriend) gave me a bottle of Cragged Mountain Maple syrup after our first date and it was the best I’ve ever tasted! Way to sweep a Canadian off her feet!!”

- Laura and Ben, Pittsburg, PA


“Always wonderful to support someone who is ethical, hard working and committed to providing the best product possible. When you know the person and where the syrup comes from, you can’t do better. I buy a case (of maple syrup) for my own use, and also give it as gifts. It’s perfect, it’s the best syrup I’ve ever had.”

- Barbara, Stratham, NH


“I will never again buy syrup from the grocery store. Since Nick started making syrup four years ago, I always make sure there are one or two jars in our cupboard. I even buy extra jars so I can mail them to my daughter in California. My favorite way to use Cragged Mountain maple syrup is in my morning coffee. Over french toast is a close second!”

- Kathy, Marblehead, MA


“Extremely tasty maple syrup that goes well on everything I’ve tried it with (waffles, pancakes, french toast, sausage, bacon, ice cream, cocktails)! Nick is a hard working guy with a great little operation going here. I never thought I would get picky with my syrups until Cragged Mountain Maple.”

- Max, Boston, MA


“I was there when the first bottle of syrup was poured in 2015. While the process has become more efficient, the commitment to producing the perfect jar of Cragged Mountain maple syrup has never been in question. Time and again, Cragged delivers on its promise of quality and passion for the product.”

- Liam, Johannesburg, South Africa