Cragged Mountain Maple

Our Story


Our Story


Cragged Mountain Maple is a family run business that creates high quality small batch maple syrup. It’s located on a classic 'hill country' New England farm with a 200-year-old post-and-beam farmhouse. The property has miles of stone walls strewn through the woods, artifacts of a bygone era of life and agriculture. In 2014, when Nick started the farm, no one had done any sort of farming on the property for over 100 years and, like most of New England, the pastures had returned to forest. We boiled the property’s first maple sap in over 100 years in spring 2015 in the same roadside building where the original farmers made maple syrup in cauldrons over a large wood burning firebox.

We intend to increase our production of maple syrup while also partnering with local New England maple producers who produce high quality delicious syrup. We want to be able to tell the histories and stories of more than just our farm and, because we are farmers ourselves, pay the other farmers 10% more than they would get selling to bigger brands. Supporting Cragged Mountain Maple is an opportunity to support farmers in a real and positive way. You can order delicious maple syrup and CMM merchandise right here.

Our logo and labels were designed by good friend, painter, and graphic designer Thomas Rodda of Stamford, CT. The maple tree in the logo is in the image of ‘Papa Hank,’ the awesome roadside maple tree just above our sugar house. The charcoal-painting-style sheep on several of our labels are an ode to the land history of central New England, the beautiful hill country where your maple syrup is harvested.

We're excited to provide high quality, delicious, small batch maple syrup for you. Enjoy!


-Nick and Dipper